Thursday, June 24, 2010

The pressure is melting

OK wow i have not done this in a while,
just finishing up the leaving cert and actually only doing this so i wont have to study for applied maths tomorrow XD .
exams have gone really well;
  1. English 1; managed to give myself the nobel physics prize and a silly article on being a neighbour :) Nice paper!
  2. English 2;was so lucky with this paper, seriously. Lear question was a dream, i was smart and ignored boland(as she is a hormonal whore) and both Kavanagh and yeats came up :) so happy, i even ditched my beloved kavanagh and did yeats as i had just learned inisfree an hour before the exam!fitted in perfectly for his own world. i was actually able to do the comparison :) hopefully i get B1/A2
  3. MATH 1;Oh my lord a beautiful paper!never have i been so happy with a maths exam!
  4. MATH 2;For the first time ever i found paper 2 tougher , but not by much, optimistic i got my A1 in maths :)
  5. IRISH; as if anyone cares! its OL
  6. FRENCH; A pretty ok paper :) apart from missing the word bone and getting god mother and step mother mixed up hopefully A/B
  7. ART History;EVIL nothing i studied came up, doubt i got the B1 i needed...who kn ew art would dictate a physics degree!
  8. PHYSICS; ah physics was pretty lovely :) bit tough option but still so happy with it i hope i got my a1 :)
  9. Chemistry;Oh ffs couldnt have cared less, was funny if anything, if id actually had studied seemed a lovely paper but meh who cares, be happy with D3
  10. Applied Maths; need a b1..wait and see ;)

So this leaving cert has been pretty generous, dont think i will get the A1A1A2A2B1B1 for physics at kings but hopefully i get heriot watt :)
pretty scandalous leaving eh? with all this cheating malarky!
makes me pretty happy i was all honest with my working!

cannot wait for the celebrations tomorrow! this will be my summer!
Oxegen around the corner, Managed to score an Iron Maiden Ticket <3


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