Friday, April 22, 2011

1 Year On..

Oh my lord it has been a long time indeed!
I have been/still am suffering from tremendous writers block since last year , everything has suffered! i am not half as articulate as i once was, spelling and grammar is atrocious..and needless to say i have not written one story/article/poem/obituary and yes blog in so very long.
what is even more surprising? neither am i able to draw anymore! i know i was never exactly talented but come on !
let me have one shred of creativity please!
there is only so much one can do with hair and makeup and i am dangerously close to resembling a drag queen....

Well over the last year i did by some miracle pass the leaving cert , though i did not do quite as well as i hoped,
I am now doing Science in Trinity and just coming to the end of first year ,
been an interesting year to say the least!
have met some amazing people and they all know who they are but without doubt i must <3 my darling K.

I have taken up pole dancing (needless to say im apalling but one day ;) ) , will shoot some more!!! yet again i have attempted juggling and poi ...i have improved which for me is amazing still apalling by normal standards...but we all know im useless !

I've trained myself in a few more beauty methods , such as extensions etc.,

Well This has certainly been a ramble ,
as my insomnia is back i am putting together a more structured blog as i type so i shall bid you beauties adieu