Monday, June 28, 2010

winter..the end of my crappy writings haha

The snow of winter falls
Hiding all of autumns glory
by a pretty blanket
all is hidden, all is beautiful
by the cover of snow
all that remain
are the trees, stripped bare
the skeletons of summer
beauty is a true evil


this was written back in school for gráinne in the study hall XD ♥


Henna hair,Green eyes
sitting in the study hall
pretty little thing

Yet once she leaves the school
she's insane,mad and sexy
Gráinne Kavanagh

Aalya..the pg version ;)

again this is awful :P

Her Voice resides
in the echoes of my mind
forever in longing

Her pure beauty caused
even from afar all to
stand still and take hush

as her silent grace washed
over us it began
to cause a ripple

Standing, struck in awe
gazing upon perfection
my heart skipped a beat

Her blue eyes were shut
licking her lips
she began songs of enchantment

Her eyes,they glittered
Her lips, they flushed
another verse,men wept

stars shone

Mist surrounded her
she vanished from this world
but never my heart

Some Writings 1 Haiku...apologies

THese are incredibly old things i wrote...i have only written short stories since these and i dont have patience to type them this is what i have...they are awful i will admit but sure..fuckit...just dont slag me off please...:P


walking on air, i
feel a flutter of sheer joy
purely sweet is life.

To feel elation
is to float o'er the heavans
and look down on ants

(super shite)
a new inocence
a burst erupts from my heart
i beg this love,last

Saturday, June 26, 2010 to get your hair white

AS i wait for my hair to bleach i think i may share how i do it!
if you do it properly you can avoid major damage to the hair but follow the instructions carefully.
im going to give to sets of instructions , keep in mind i have naturally blonde hair(mucky gold) so it is alot easier for me to lift the colour, if you have natural brown/black hair this will take a few attempts and try not to bleach your hair more than 2 times during the day ,even twice is bad but i lacked patience i was very lucky to have not killed my hair.
if it is dyed brown or black it will be a bit annoying to lift the colour

Use a product like Color Oops or MYHD to return hair to close to its original color without bleaching. Your hair will still be too dark for the toner, so it will require between one and three bleachings with a 4-6 shade lightening bleach.

if you can take a week at home you will be best to leave a week between bleaching espescially if you have weak hair so just hide your ginger mop at home!

always leave a MINIMUM of 3 hours between bleaching and try and let it air dry

as of now i am trying a new method to lift the colour but i wont post this method until i know what the results are like.can't be giving you bad advice now can i?

This method does work and wont damage your hair too much and you can revive it with a fantastic conditioner Tigi Dumb Blonde is absolutely amazing and has restored my hair immediately after bleaching.
I have done my hair this way for over 3 years with no consequences, i do it myself as very few stylists will bring it up to white as it can go wrong, plus you do this for less than €25 , postage is more expensive than the products!!!

the main point is you are NOT to bleach your hair white, silly silly mistake , only ever bleach your hair to a pale yellow. TONER is the key, a purple toner will cancel out all the yellow tones from your hair( as purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel)
maintain with a purple shampoo such as Lee Staffords.
if you smoke be careful it really does make your hair yellow as sin as your hair will be VERY pourous and absorbant


  1. make sure your hair is about 2 days old as conditioned clean hair wont take as well
  2. Mix up the dye as stated on leaflet
  3. i personally dont use gloves as you just get in there with your own hands :)
  4. leave the dye on for about 1 hr 15 mins, wont actually kill your hair scalp may sting a bit but nothing bad :)
  5. wrap your hair in clingfilm /shower cap.may sound stupid but you DO NOT want the bleach to dry in your hair.the clingfilm keeps the heat from your head in allowing the bleach to do its thang =)
  6. ONLY if your hair is in relatively good condition you can then blow dry over the clingfilm, this really does have a great affect on the colour but can have really bad effects. i only do it every 3/4 dyes
  7. when the time is up rinse your hair out FULLY in tepid not shampoo it, you dont want to for as long as you can as your hair is starving and shampoo will strip it, instead use a toning conditoner.use the TIGI Dumb Blonde and leave it on over night if you can! and you'll smell of pineapple :)
  8. this may sound silly but since our hair is naturally acidic. When you use bleach to strip or lighten your hair you are putting an extremely strong base in your hair… this drys it out and makes it very unhealthy and brittle. some white distilled vinegar will counteract. rinse your hair thoroughly with this… after you wash the bleach out of your hair of course. Make sure you work the vinegar into your hair thoroughly, you will be able to tell that your hair is getting back to its normal texture when you feel it’s less slimy and more coarse again.
  9. Find out if you need dry or wet hair for your toner.
  10. make sure you only use the toner for the time specified or you will have purple/blue hair. like the little old women of the blue rinse brigade!
  11. be careful not to overuse toning shampoo and conditioner! you can end up with mucky grey hair for a few days(this has happened to me SO MANY times)

And thats it your done (: best of luck!

The end result :)


ps. manic panic went great but very very harsh,post about this later!

The afterMATH :P

So this is it, i am officially finished school!
applied maths went well, obviously everyone else got a's but hope i got my B :)
had a rather nice day after, got to see some of the guys on a friday , which i havent done since they were in school 3 years ago. odd.

What can i say about the night? oh god i will ignore me that night..but was a laugh :P
&hearts TEQUILA!♥

unfortunately my darling camera broke..lens is stuck .*fingers crossed* it gets fixed by the nice sony men!
probably better for me to bring a crappy camera to oxegen anyways! espescially after the Therapy? debacle last year.....

< 3


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am the model student. After an unbelievably hot night (was like 100 degrees!) and every sleep hypnosis and relaxation video i FINALLY managed to get to sleep at 3 am. i probably should not have decide to fall asleep listening to the Oxegen 2010 me all excited...and after 2 uncomfortable hours of sleep i awoke at 5 to study for my applied maths exams today.

as you can see i spent that first hour meticulously applying makeup and doing my hair and posted here know i wish i was just better at this subject, i can do physics pretty fucking well as well as maths( if i work ha)
but the amount of effort required for this! UGH!
oh well just *fingers crossed* i get a b1!

so i am in my final hours of the leaving cert system....thanks be to god. what a monotonous brainless programme that turns us all into information regurgitating zombies

yes i am a LOVELY person giving you that image first thing in the morning (: .
just about 2 hours before i head on in..better get cracking!
cannot wait for tonight should be a good one..
BUT i still need to pay for my Debs tickets! AGH!


Contacts hurt :(

Woah 2 posts in one lord am i the queen of procrastination or what?
so i decided i should probably get contact lenses for oxegen as it is very annoying to be squinting at your favourite band ( or be on the big screen with squinty eyes!)

and bringing glasses is out of the question due to my history( having them run over by a car is personally my favourite!)
Soooo, my mother makes me try one of hers, well first of those are slippery buggers and kept falling off my finger and my eyes were fluttering like mad
WHO KNEW that my eyelids are stronger than my arms?

finally within 40 mins i have one in, i am now walking around the house blind in one eye( my mothers is so blind i don't want to offend bats by comparison) and just my usual blindness in the 5 mins in they are pretty comfy but i decide i should probably take them out so as
To study for applied maths..well here began the most infuriating hour of my life, my mother laughing her ass off as i struggle with the bugger, then her and my brother laughing there asses off on the bed as i struggle to get that clingfilm out of my eye!
i managed to pinch my fricken EYEBALL!

seriously OWWW, the only sympathetic person was my father! ( thanks dad ♥)
so after a 20 minute epic battle i scrunch it up into the corner of my eye and am now left with a pink puffy bloodshot eye ..that looks scarily like pink eye :'(

PS-did i mention i have a night out tomorrow? NOMATHON night :'(

The pressure is melting

OK wow i have not done this in a while,
just finishing up the leaving cert and actually only doing this so i wont have to study for applied maths tomorrow XD .
exams have gone really well;
  1. English 1; managed to give myself the nobel physics prize and a silly article on being a neighbour :) Nice paper!
  2. English 2;was so lucky with this paper, seriously. Lear question was a dream, i was smart and ignored boland(as she is a hormonal whore) and both Kavanagh and yeats came up :) so happy, i even ditched my beloved kavanagh and did yeats as i had just learned inisfree an hour before the exam!fitted in perfectly for his own world. i was actually able to do the comparison :) hopefully i get B1/A2
  3. MATH 1;Oh my lord a beautiful paper!never have i been so happy with a maths exam!
  4. MATH 2;For the first time ever i found paper 2 tougher , but not by much, optimistic i got my A1 in maths :)
  5. IRISH; as if anyone cares! its OL
  6. FRENCH; A pretty ok paper :) apart from missing the word bone and getting god mother and step mother mixed up hopefully A/B
  7. ART History;EVIL nothing i studied came up, doubt i got the B1 i needed...who kn ew art would dictate a physics degree!
  8. PHYSICS; ah physics was pretty lovely :) bit tough option but still so happy with it i hope i got my a1 :)
  9. Chemistry;Oh ffs couldnt have cared less, was funny if anything, if id actually had studied seemed a lovely paper but meh who cares, be happy with D3
  10. Applied Maths; need a b1..wait and see ;)

So this leaving cert has been pretty generous, dont think i will get the A1A1A2A2B1B1 for physics at kings but hopefully i get heriot watt :)
pretty scandalous leaving eh? with all this cheating malarky!
makes me pretty happy i was all honest with my working!

cannot wait for the celebrations tomorrow! this will be my summer!
Oxegen around the corner, Managed to score an Iron Maiden Ticket <3