Thursday, June 24, 2010

Contacts hurt :(

Woah 2 posts in one lord am i the queen of procrastination or what?
so i decided i should probably get contact lenses for oxegen as it is very annoying to be squinting at your favourite band ( or be on the big screen with squinty eyes!)

and bringing glasses is out of the question due to my history( having them run over by a car is personally my favourite!)
Soooo, my mother makes me try one of hers, well first of those are slippery buggers and kept falling off my finger and my eyes were fluttering like mad
WHO KNEW that my eyelids are stronger than my arms?

finally within 40 mins i have one in, i am now walking around the house blind in one eye( my mothers is so blind i don't want to offend bats by comparison) and just my usual blindness in the 5 mins in they are pretty comfy but i decide i should probably take them out so as
To study for applied maths..well here began the most infuriating hour of my life, my mother laughing her ass off as i struggle with the bugger, then her and my brother laughing there asses off on the bed as i struggle to get that clingfilm out of my eye!
i managed to pinch my fricken EYEBALL!

seriously OWWW, the only sympathetic person was my father! ( thanks dad ♥)
so after a 20 minute epic battle i scrunch it up into the corner of my eye and am now left with a pink puffy bloodshot eye ..that looks scarily like pink eye :'(

PS-did i mention i have a night out tomorrow? NOMATHON night :'(

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